"Much Ado About Nothing"


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"Much Ado About Nothing"
  1. Leonato
    1. Leonato is the Governor of Messina. He has one daughter, named Hero, who is next in line to rule. He also had a niece, named Beatrice. Leonato is a talkative person, who plays a major part in the first scene of Much Ado About Nothing. He is very close friends with Don Pedro.
      1. Leonato has one daughter named Hero and a niece named Beatrice in the story. He is really good friends with Don Pedro. He is nice to Don John, Benedick, and Claudio.Leonato in Act one Scene one likes everyone. If he dislikes anyone, he has not shown it yet.
      2. Hero
        1. Hero is a girl who is short in height and very quiet in Act 1 Scene 1. Her father is Leonato, Governor of Messina. Her cousin is Beatrice.
          1. It is hard to tell if Hero likes or dislikes anyone in this scene because she only had one line the entire time. At the moment, it appears that she likes everyone because she showed no unhappy emotions or words of anger.
          2. Beatrice
            1. Beatrice is a fierce, argumentative girl. She is the niece of Leonato and the cousin of Hero. She loves to disagree with Benedick. Practically, her entire part in Act 1 Scene 1 was about her talking badly about Benedick and arguing with him.
              1. Beatrice likes practically everyone except Benedict. Beatrice and Benedick act like they hate each other, but they will eventually show that they love each other. In Act 1 Scene 1, Beatrice talked badly about Benedick and argued a lot with him.
              2. Claudio
                1. Claudio is kind young man that is a soldier. He is essential one of the personal guards of Don Pedro. He does not talk much while in Leonato's house, but he talks a lot about Hero with Benedick after they leave. He notices Hero and starts to fall in love with her.
                  1. Claudio seems to like everyone especially Hero. He has not shown any type of anger or hatred to any other characters so far in the story.
                  2. Don Pedro
                    1. Don Pedro is a talkative man from Arragon. He is a n important person in the story who has power. He is a military leader with an army. He is good friends with Leonato.
                      1. Don Pedro, in Act 1 Scene 1, appears to like everyone in the scene. He was nice to everyone and gave advice to some of them like Claudio.
                      2. Benedick
                        1. Benedick is argumentative and cocky. He is a soldier and is more like a personal guard for Don Pedro. BEnedick always argues with Beatrice.
                          1. Benedick appears to like everyone except Beatrice. He acts like he hates Beatrice, but he will eventually learn that he loves her although it is not known during Act 1 Scene 1.
                          2. Don John
                            1. Don John is a "man of few words" according to what he says to Leonato in Act 1 Scene 1. He is kinda a shady character.
                              1. It appears that Don John likes everyone, but he says to little in the scene to known for sure.
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