Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing
1 Leonato is the uncle of Beatrice, father of Hero, and the Governor of Messina
1.1 Leonato is connected to Beatrice, Hero, Messenger, Benedick, Don Pedro, Don John and Claudio. They are all acquaintances and they stay at Leonato's place.
2 Hero is the daughter of Leonato.
2.1 Hero is connected to Leonato, Claudio, Beatrice, and Benedick. Claudio is in love with Hero and she is acquaintances with Beatrice and Benedick.
3 Beatrice is the niece of Leonato and Hero's best friend.
3.1 Beatrice is closely connected to Benedick, Leonato, and Hero. Hero and Beatrice are great friends. Beatrice and Benedick are secretly in love with one another.
4 Claudio is a soldier and nobleman.
4.1 Claudio is most directly connected to Hero because he is in love with her.
5 Don Pedro is the Prince of Aragon and a longtime friend of Leonato.
5.1 Don Pedro is directly connected with Don John and Leonato. Don Pedro is Don John's brother and Leonato's best friend.
6 Benedick is an aristocrat-soldier under Don Pedro.
6.1 Benedick is connected to Beatrice and Don Pedro. He is a bickering friend of Beatrice's and Don Pedro is his "boss".
7 Don John is Don Pedro's illegetimate brother.
7.1 Don John is connected to Don Pedro because they are brothers.
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