Unit 5 - Exponents and Radicals

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Unit 5 - Exponents and Radicals
1 Properties
1.1 Multiply Exponent
1.2 Dividing Exponent
1.3 Add or Subtract Exponent
1.4 Negative Exponents
1.5 Powers
1.6 Exponent equaled to 0
2 Radical Skills
2.1 Simplfying
2.1.1 Simplifying Radicands that are numbers
2.1.2 Simplifying radicands that are with variables exponents
2.1.3 Simplifying radicands with numbers and variables with exponents
2.2 Adding Radical Expressions
2.3 Product & Division Property of Radical Expressions
2.4 Multiplying Radical Expressions
2.5 Conjugate
2.6 Rationalizing a radical expression denominator
3 Composition and Inverses
3.1 Multiply or Compose ?
3.1.1 Muliply
3.1.2 Compose
3.2 Inverse Relations and Functions
3.2.1 Remember... Swap "x" and "y" then, solve for y
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