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Essay Plan
1 Structure
1.1 Moby: "Why does my heart feel so bad?"
1.1.1 The intro plays 6 chords these are: Am,Am,Em,Em,Gm,Gm,D,D The first half of the chorus, plays C,C,Am,Am,C,C,Am,Am And then F,F,C,C,F,F,C,C for the rest of the chorus.
1.2 Capercaille: "The skye waulking song."
1.2.1 This piece contains 2 phrases, 2 refrains. Or intro, verse1 , verse 2 and coda. The intro is an instrumental intro, played by the bouzouki, fiddle
1.3 Steve Reich: "Electrical counterpoint."
1.3.1 A syncopated quaver motif, is introduced in the live guitar and top 4 guitar parts in canon. In two sections - A B which is binary form. Secton B : Key changes ro C minor, and all guitars are playing. They key shifts to E minor and back to C minor. In the coda: They finish on E minor, then crescendos to a final E chord.
2 Melody
2.1 Moby: "Why does my heart feel so bad?"
2.1.1 The song has 2 melodies,
2.2 Capercaille: "The skye waulking song."
2.2.1 The piece is entirely pentatonic
2.2.2 The melody is mainly syllabic
2.2.3 Alternates between 1 bar phrases
2.3 Steve Reich: "Electric counterpoint"
2.3.1 The melody is formed of 1 bar motif, that is repeated continuously to form an ostinato. Then other guitars enter in canon.
3 Tonality/harmony
3.1 Capercaille: "The skye waulking song."
3.1.1 The key is G minor.
3.1.2 The Skye Waulking song, is diatonic
3.1.3 The main chords in this piece are G, E minor and C
3.2 Steve Reich: "Electrical couterpoint."
3.2.1 Diatonic harmony
3.3 Moby: "Why does my heart feel so bad?"
3.3.1 Key A minor, and this is shown in the intro.
4 Texture
4.1 Moby:"Why does my heart feel so bad?"
4.2 Capercaille: "The skye waulking song."
4.2.1 Contrapuntal texture, is created from: The bass line by the bass guitars a rhythmic patterns on the drum kits. Chords on the synthesizer and accordion Counter melodies on the melody instruments.
4.3 Steve Reich:"Electric counterpoint."
4.3.1 The piece has contrapuntal texture
5 Intsrumentsn/technology
5.1 Moby: "Why does my heart feel so bad?"
5.1.1 Moby uses a sample from a 1950s gospel choir recording, Panning and EQ
5.1.2 Instruments that moby uses would be string synthesizers, a drum machine and a piano sound module
5.2 Capercaille: "The skye waulking song."
5.2.1 This piece uses folk and rock instruments. Rock instruments such as synthesizers, Wurlitzer piano, bass guitars, drum kit are used. Folk acoustic instruments such as accordion pipes, the fiddle, and bouzouki.
5.3 Steve Reich: "Electrical counterpoint."
5.3.1 The piece includes 7 electric guitars, 2 electric bass guitars and one live guitar. The solo guitarist plays live, along with a multi-track recording of the other instruments, which were pre-recorded by the musician. Electric Counterpoint is 140 bars long and lasts about 4 and a half minutes
6 Moby's piece has a time signature of 4/4 and is
6.1 Steve Reich's piece has time signature of 3/2 though 12/8 is sometimes played in some parts that include the live guitar.
6.1.1 Capercaille's piece is 12/8 and there is frequent syncopation in vocal and instrumental lines.
6.2 Th noise in the background is not removed as Moby believed that, it would add a unique emotion

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