Physical, technological and personal contexts for learning

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Physical, technological and personal contexts for learning

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Physical, technological and personal contexts for learning
1 Materials
1.1 contextualised material
1.1.1 importance of learners' experiences
1.2 stimulate interactin and be generative
1.3 encouragement of learners
1.3.1 learning strageties
1.3.2 skills
1.4 focus on form and function
1.5 opportunities for integrated language use
1.6 authentic materials
1.7 attractive
2 Creating an atmosphere
2.1 use lively colors
2.2 eye contact
2.3 plant a tree in the classroom and talk to it
2.4 fearless atmosphere
2.5 positive engergy
2.5.1 talk, teach and communicate positively
2.6 positive feedback
2.7 use of emoticons


  • use
3 Repositories
3.1 folders
3.2 computer memory
3.3 books
3.4 internet
3.4.1 blog
3.4.2 social media platform linkedin Examtime
4 Physical and online context
4.1 Multi-player online games
4.2 Online dictionaries
4.3 mobile applications
4.4 social networking
4.5 Blogs
4.6 online books
4.7 focus on
4.7.1 collaboration
4.7.2 communication
4.8 audio-visual aids
4.8.1 video
4.8.2 DVD
4.8.3 TV
4.8.4 e-book
4.8.5 CD
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