Waves & the Universe

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Waves & the Universe
1 P1.11 The Universe
1.1 definitions
1.1.1 solar system the Sun, the planets + their moons part of Milky Way galaxy
1.1.2 galaxy collection of stars
1.1.3 Universe made of of all the galaxies
1.2 relative distances
1.2.1 1. moon=closest
1.2.2 2. Sun
1.2.3 3. planets
1.2.4 4. stars
1.2.5 5. other galaxies=furthest
1.3 relative sizes
1.3.1 1. moon=smallest
1.3.2 2. Earth
1.3.3 3. planets
1.3.4 4. Sun&stars
1.3.5 5. galaxies
1.3.6 6. Universe=biggest
2 P1.13 Exploring the Universe
2.1 electromagnetic radiation telescopes
2.1.1 show things visible light can't detect
2.2 modern telescopes
2.2.1 improved magnification see far away galaxies
2.2.2 photography gather more data
2.2.3 made with greater precision clearer images
2.2.4 electromagnetic telescopes see objects that can't been seen using visible light
2.3 telescope location
2.3.1 in space microwaves infrared UV gamma Xrays some visible light dust, water vapour, pollution can distort image
2.3.2 on earth visible light radio waves
3 P1.14 Alien Life?
3.1 signs of life
3.1.1 liquid water
3.1.2 oxygen from photosynthesising plants
3.1.3 chemical changes e.g. methane
3.2 methods
3.2.1 space probes
3.2.2 soil experiment by landers/rovers
3.2.3 SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
4 P1.15 Life Cycles of Stars
4.1 left hand path
4.1.1 stars similar size to our Sun
4.2 right hand path
4.2.1 stars bigger than Sun massive stars
4.3 gravity
4.3.1 pulls a nebula together the hydrogen gets hot as GPE converted to thermal
4.3.2 pulls collapsed red giant together forming white drwarf
5 P1.16 Theories about the Universe
5.1 steady state
5.1.1 universe has always existed
5.1.2 it is expanding
5.1.3 new matter is being created
5.2 big bang
5.2.1 whole universe started as a tiny particle 13.5billion ys ago
5.2.2 universe expanding from this+is still expanding
5.3 evidence
5.3.1 cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation microwave radiation originally from big bang
5.3.2 red shift object moving away has increased wavelength+decreased freq black lines 'shifted' to red end of spectrum
6 P1.17 Red-Shift
6.1 stars
6.1.1 the more distant the star-greater the red shift sun is closer distant star
6.2 theories
6.2.1 proves universe is expanding supports both theories but BB is accepted due to CMB radiation
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