Data Representation

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Data Representation
1 Binary Numbers
1.1 Also known as base 2 numbers
1.2 1 is one 1.
1.3 As you go further left the power times by 2, e.g. 101101 is 1+4+8+32=45.
2 Text
2.1 Uses a code which represents each letter as a number, e.g. ASCII.
2.1.1 e.g. in ASCII, an "A" is 65," B" is 66, "a" is 97, "b" is 98, and so forth.
3 Graphics
3.1 Many pixels together create a graphical image on the screen
3.2 "Resolution" is number of pixels per row x number of rows.
3.2.1 e.g. 800 pixels per row and 600 rows=800x600 resoulution.
3.3 Each pixel has two properties, position on screen and colour.
3.4 Metadata is data about data. Metadata about images is things such as height, width, colour, etc.
3.5 There are different colour depths available, with some storing more information about the colours of eaach pixel
3.5.1 The larger the total number of colours, the larger the space required to store each pixel.
3.6 Images can be compressed to reduce their size by changing the resolution.
4 Data is measured in bits and their larger counterparts, which get 1024 times larger in the order of: bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte...
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