Prop Research

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Prop research for film opening

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Prop Research
1 Tea Set
1.1 We will need to use a tea set in our opening as a toy for the 'dolls' to play with, to represent the themes in our opening this should be a china tea set. As none of our group members own a tea set like this we will need to either borrow one or look into buying one either online in a shop.
2 Briefcase
2.1 We will need a briefcase for the main character to carry to make him appear as an average working businessman. As the filming will be taking place at my house it will be easier to use my dads briefcase for this.
3 Knife
3.1 Using a knife in our opening will represent the horror genre. It will also add to the characterisation of our main character, we thought that he could use a large knife to make himself a meal which would appear quite obscure and be very effective. It is quite a common household object so this will be available at my house when filming.
4 Porcelain Dolls
4.1 Porcelain Dolls will be one of the most key props in our product, we personally do not own any so we will have to look into borrowing some from people.
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