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1 Descriptive
1.1 Most common. They tell us about the quality of a person or thing
1.1.1 Nonna is amazing
2 Possesive
2.1 Show possession. Must be followed by a noun
2.1.1 this is my bike
3 Numeral
3.1 Describe the number or numerical order of things
3.1.1 The forth taxi in the carpark
4 Indefinite
4.1 Refer to number but dont give the exact number
4.1.1 there are several people ruining my life
5 Interrogative
5.1 Ask question
5.1.1 Do you like the giants?
6 Distributive
6.1 Point to separate things
6.1.1 Every girl must attend
7 Modal
7.1 Describing words that show amounts of probability or certainty
7.1.1 There is a possbiilty of hail
8 Demonstrative
8.1 Demonstrate or point out
8.1.1 These bags are mine
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