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EDLA Mind Map on Conjunctions, created by s00153800 on 10/06/2013.
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  1. Are used to connect words, phrases, clauses and sentences. They are commonly known as 'joining words'.
    1. Correlating
      1. Exist as pairs in a sentence combining two ideas.
        1. Not only...but also, both...and, either...or.
          1. I like both coffee and tea.
      2. Temporal
        1. Used to express time and order in a sentence.
          1. When, finally, just, next, now, while, during.
            1. Finally Fremantle played a Grand Final.
        2. Coorindating
          1. Combines two words, sentences or phrases of the same or similar parts of speech together.
            1. For, and, not, but, or, yet, so.
              1. I like latte's but not long blacks.
          2. Adversative
            1. Expresses a contrast or comparison between two statements within a sentence.
              1. But, however, on the other hand, nevertheless.
                1. I enjoy boxing, however it is challenging.
            2. Subordinating
              1. Joins parts of sentences together known as clauses.
                1. Because, before, when, as, after.
                  1. Before I had breakfast I had a shower.
              2. Additive
                1. Adds one statement to another. Adds something else to the sentence.
                  1. And, furthermore, moreover, also.
                    1. I like coffee and also tea.
                2. Casual
                  1. Relates to the connection between two things, where one causes the other to happen or exist.
                    1. Despite, although, because, since, until, as a result.
                      1. I am hungry, despite having a big lunch.
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