Educating Rita - Eductaion

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Educating Rita - Eductaion
1 How has Education Changed Rita?
1.1 Frank learns to trust; open up and that it's okay to be friends - they both teach each other.
1.1.1 P77 - "If you must open a window then go on, open it"
1.2 Frank teaches her about her culture and language.
1.3 Russel doesn't believe the quote "self education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is"
1.4 Frank doesn't feel Education is right for Rita.
2 How has Education changed Rita?
2.1 Her choice of literature changes throughout the novel
2.1.1 Reflects on how her life is constantly changing
2.1.2 "Oh it's type is quite interesting but it's hardly excellent
2.2 She wants to know things and be able to have things to talk about; she wants to fit in with other students
2.3 She doesn't want to be the stereotypical woman
2.3.1 P53 - "I told him I'd only have a baby when I had the choice"
2.4 "I'm educated, I've got what you have"
2.4.1 Her confidence has expanded
2.4.2 She's become exactly what she wanted to be
3 What does education mean?
3.1 P53 - "He can burn me book and me papers"
3.2 P52-53 - "Frank provides me with an eye"
3.3 It teaches you life lessons - Frank learns to open up and to trust.
3.4 P18-19 - "Only the masses who don't understand
3.4.1 Shows Rita's freedom
3.4.2 "Educated people know it's only words"
4 What is the value of Education to Rita? To Frank?
4.1 To grow as a person; to blossom and feel socially accepted.
4.1.1 "... doesn't cause any sort of fuss with educated people" At the start of the novel she doesn't think she's an "educated" person
4.2 P66 - "It'll probably be a job finding my brains"
4.2.1 Rita knows she's not clever
4.3 "I want to find myself"
4.3.1 Education is her window to her future
5 In what sense is the education Rita experiences pretentious?
5.1 He doesn't want education to change Rita
5.1.1 He believes she's unique in her outspoken way
5.2 She feels she's not good enough to even talk to other students
5.2.1 She wants to be like the other students
5.3 P24 - Qualities Frank believes Rita has
5.4 P18-19 - Why Frank doesn't want to teach Rita

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