The Refutation of Sceptisism

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Mind Map of the key points in the first part of the unit 'Epistemology and Metaphysics'

Resource summary

The Refutation of Sceptisism
1 Sceptisism, What is It?
1.1 There is a problem with the justification in our knowledge
1.2 We cannot have knowledge of the world
2 Responses
2.1 Mitigated Sceptisism
2.2 The view that Sceptisism is not a practical option
2.3 Transendental Arguments
2.4 How Experience is Constituted
2.5 Phenomenalism
2.6 The Denial of the Gap between appearance and reality
2.7 The view that the starting point for sceptical arguments is unintellegable
3 In an Essay
3.1 AO1 - Outline sceptisism and it's arguments
3.2 AO2 - Illustrate the arguments
3.3 AO3 - Evaluate, counter and counter-counter
4 Main Points
4.1 To Evaluate the Sceptic's Challenge and the responses to it
4.2 Can Sceptisism be refuted?
4.3 Can we claim to know?
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