Project Methodology

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This mind map contains the steps on project methodology by Juan Pablo Aljure in 2009

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Project Methodology
1 1. Wishes: Asking yourself what do you want, and realizing what similar projects have succeeded in the past, taking note of what was done to get there.
1.1 It is important to research about how are you, others and the context involved in your project.
2 2. Actual actions: Asking yourself what are you doing to get to your goal, and what present characteristics are involved.
2.1 What are other people doing now to get a similar result as your desired one?
3 3. Evaluation (Comparison): You compare the difference of the present situation and your desired situation, then you take action to get always closer to the ideal.
3.1 The process is repeated various times, each improving what the previous did not. Also, evaluating the effectiveness of the action you took.
4 4. Action planning: New strategies are designed to ensure the reality of the new future, following some characteristics.
4.1 Soon: the strategies are efficient and can be done on little time
4.2 Positive: the strategies contain proactive actions.
4.3 Precise: strategies are clearly stated and followed.
4.4 Possible: Strategies are realistic and legal.
4.5 Promise: the strategies mean commitment your need to give.
4.6 Practice: the strategies can be tested at small scale.
4.7 Persistence: Strategies must be carried on with commitment
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