Chapter 1: Las Relaciones Personales

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Spanish Mind Map on Chapter 1: Las Relaciones Personales, created by Will BDG on 10/06/2013.

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Chapter 1: Las Relaciones Personales
1 Vocabulary
2 Grammar
2.1 Present
2.1.1 AR: o, as, a, amos, an e:ie o:ue e:i
2.1.2 ER: o, es, e, emos, en
2.1.3 IR: o, es, e, imos, em
2.2 Present Progressive
2.2.1 IR: iendo
2.2.2 AR: ando
2.2.3 ER: iendo
2.2.4 Stem changing verbs keep stem change
2.3 Ser and Estar
2.3.1 Ser: Identification, description, profession, defentition, time/date, weather, origin/nationality, ownership, material, prices/amount, imprsonal expression, passive voice
2.3.2 Estar: Location, condition, health, emotions, mood, end of an action
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