Characters of MAAN

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Connecting the characters of MAAN. April 23rd

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Characters of MAAN
1 Leonato
1.1 Father of Hero
1.2 Uncle of Beatrice
1.3 Friend of Benedict
1.4 Friend of Don John
1.5 Friend of Don Pedro
1.6 Friend of Claudio
2 Hero
2.1 Cousin of Beatrice
2.2 Daughter of Leonato
2.3 Friend of Don John
2.4 Friend of Don Pedro
2.5 Friend of Benedick
2.6 Claudio's Lover
3 Beatrice
3.1 Benedick's Lover
3.2 Cousin of Hero
3.3 Niece fo Leonato
3.4 Friend of Claudio
3.5 Friend of Don John
3.6 Friend of Don Pedro
4 Benedick
4.1 Beatrice's Lover
4.2 Friend of Don John
4.3 Friend of Don Pedro
4.4 Friend of Claudio
4.5 Friend of Hero
4.6 Friend of Leoato
5 Claudio
5.1 Hero's lover
5.2 Friend of Leonato
5.3 Friend of Beatrice
5.4 Friend of Benedick
5.5 Friend of Don John
5.6 Friend of Don Pedro
6 Don Pedro
6.1 Friend of Claudio
6.2 Brother of Don John
6.3 Friend of Benedick
6.4 Friend of Beatrice
6.5 Friend of Hero
6.6 Friend of Leonato
7 Don John
7.1 Friend of Benedick
7.2 Brother of Don Pedro
7.3 Friend of Claudio
7.4 Friend of Beatrice
7.5 Friend of Hero
7.6 Friend of Leonato
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