Much Ado About Nothing

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Connections of characters in the story, Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing
1 Leonato- is the governor of Messina. His niece is Beatrice, and his daughter is Hero. He mostly likes everyone except maybe Don John.
1.1 Hero- She is the daughter of Leonato and cousin of Beatrice. She is fond of Claudio.
1.1.1 Beatrice- is the niece of Leonato and cousin of Hero. She has a hatred for mainly Benedick. Claudio- He is under the rule of Don Pedro and best friends with Benedick. Claudio claims to have fallen in love with Hero. Don Pedro- is prince, he rules over Benedick and Claudio. He is the illegitimate brother of Don John. He is friends with Leonato. Don Pedro does not dislike anyone, he is mostly mutual. Benedick- Benedick is best friends with Claudio, he works under the rule of Don Pedro. Benedick hates Beatrice. Don John- Don John is the illegitimate brother of Don Pedro. He dislikes everyone.
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