MMC vs Traditional

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MMC v Traditional Construction

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MMC vs Traditional
  1. Value
    1. Not a question of lowest cost
      1. Need to maintain and increase quality
        1. Durability
          1. Life-time running costs
            1. Sustainability
            2. Speed (government requirements)
            3. Labour savings
              1. Volumetric approach allows a quarter of on-site labour
                1. Greater saving available with different cladding
                2. Factory based production not the same labour pull as on-site construction
                  1. Not competing for the same skills
                  2. Time savings
                    1. Can half the time on site
                      1. Time to achieve water-tightness quartered
                        1. Quality protected as no weather damage
                          1. Improved working condidtions
                          2. These saving are only available with the use of process plans tailored to match the method of construction and followed appropriately
                          3. Relationship with planning authorities
                            1. Good relationship required to keep off-sire production off the critical path
                              1. Otherwise on-site savings are replaced with off-site time
                                1. Nullifies benefits of MMC
                              2. Manufacture needs to take place at point of outline planning permission
                                1. During process required regardless of method
                                2. Discussion before initial planning application, not after submission
                                  1. "Recommendation of approval" before formal approval
                                    1. Allows works to continue
                                3. Costs
                                  1. Baker Report (2004)
                                    1. "The time savings available do not currently provide a compelling financial reason to switch production"
                                    2. Generally MMC is more expensive
                                      1. Open panels are the exeption
                                        1. Cost competitive with traditional
                                      2. Time benefits bridge a third of the gap
                                        1. Rent quicker
                                          1. Less snagging
                                            1. Higher quality control on factory
                                            2. More off-site construction means less on-site inspection
                                            3. Aim to build homes for £60 000
                                              1. £784 per square meter
                                                1. Achievable by MMC
                                              2. For/Against MMC
                                                1. Favour MMC
                                                  1. Poor soil conditions
                                                    1. Restricted working space
                                                      1. More storeys
                                                        1. Rooms in roof
                                                        2. Against MMC
                                                          1. Late design changes
                                                            1. No standard design
                                                              1. Late appointment of contractor/supplier
                                                                1. Need to suspend operations
                                                            2. Capacity
                                                              1. Most suppliers could cope with a doubling demand by using spare capacity
                                                                1. Increase in demand would cause an increase in price
                                                                  1. Until more capacity became available
                                                                    1. Price would then go back down
                                                                2. Quality Issues
                                                                  1. Durability
                                                                    1. 60 years as standard
                                                                      1. Degradation same for all methods
                                                                        1. Off-site manufacture doesn't enhance duarbility
                                                                          1. Factory production should reduce risk of non-conformities
                                                                        2. Whole Life Costs
                                                                          1. The same for all methods
                                                                            1. May be less components failing early dud to factory production
                                                                            2. Perfmorance
                                                                              1. Will meet the standards
                                                                            3. Risk Management
                                                                              1. Different risks
                                                                                1. Not price fluctuations during construction
                                                                                  1. Not delays due to bad weather
                                                                                    1. Unpredictable planning
                                                                                      1. Non-suitable design for MMC
                                                                                      2. Risk higher earlier on
                                                                                        1. Specific risks
                                                                                          1. Late design changes
                                                                                            1. Additional factory work is costly and causes delays
                                                                                              1. Early involvement of supplier is vital
                                                                                              2. Loss of factory production slot
                                                                                                1. Finding a new slot can cause major delays
                                                                                                  1. Caused by
                                                                                                    1. Underestimating lead in times
                                                                                                      1. Drifting start dates
                                                                                                      2. Effective communication of key
                                                                                                      3. Suppliers failing to deliver on time
                                                                                                        1. Construction is stopped, other processes cannot proceed
                                                                                                          1. Therefore increase in time and money
                                                                                                          2. Effective supply chain managementrequired
                                                                                                            1. Ensure orders places in plenty of time
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