Native Americans

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Major themes in the Native American topic

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Native Americans
  1. Self-determination
    1. Red power
    2. Americanisation
      1. Government schemes encouraged migration into the big cities
        1. This led to their exploitation, further discrimination, and poverty
          1. However, helped to solve problem of disunity
            1. Removal of tribal culture/living = removal of tribal rivalries
          2. Ban on some tribal customs
            1. Sun dance
            2. Re-education of Native children
            3. Protest
              1. Occupation of land
                1. Alcatraz
                  1. Wounded Knee
                2. Disunity
                  1. No evident leaders
                    1. Separate and distinct tribal cultures
                      1. Rivalries
                      2. Integration into 'white society' helped to solve problem of disunity
                      3. Government
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