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Oliver Renwick
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Oliver Renwick
Created by Oliver Renwick about 6 years ago
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1 wince at the corner of his mouth
2 his light taunting mood....was gone
3 the way his hand slapped his thigh
4 staring into our faces
5 seeking out my fear the way a dog will smell it on another
6 his eyes and mouth joined in disgust
7 you could slip inside the skin of another
8 her mouth clamped down her nostrils flared
9 she knew where to place the blame
10 we never saw Sam again
11 I knew you don't look back
12 A rimy morning
13 This Mr Dickens, Matilda
14 Some fresh atrocity
15 Look here to the good book
16 I am God's witness
17 If anything she seemed to grow taller
18 His head reared back
19 Mr Watts produced a smile of his own
20 here is how a coward thinks
21 it was a pleasant voice

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