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1 Who was he?
1.1 Pupil of Plato
1.2 His thoughts on metaphysics
2 The Four Cases
2.1 Interested in why things exist the way that they do
2.2 He thought that there were four causes for why things exist the way they do
2.3 1. Material Cause: the matter or substance that something is made from
2.4 2. Efficient Cause: The agent that caused the thing to exist.
2.4.1 What caused it? How was it made?
2.5 3. Formal Cause: the plan behind it. What makes it recognisable, structure, form and shape.
2.6 4. Final Cause: The ultimate reason why it exists. It's purpose
3 Physical Objects
3.1 Constant state of 'Motus'
3.2 Observed 4 things:
3.2.1 1. The physical world is in a constant state of motion and change 2.The planets seem to be moving eternally 3. Change or motion is always caused by something 4. Objects in the physical world were in a state of actuality and potentiality
3.3 Things exist in an actual state but have the potential to become another state
4 The Prime Mover
4.1 The originating cause for all motion eternally
4.2 Sustains all change from potentiality to actuality
4.2.1 Kitten to a Cat
4.3 Characteristics
4.3.1 Exists by necessity - it cannot fail to exist
4.3.2 Is unchanging, it is pure actuality by nature so it's nature is good
4.3.3 The Prime Mover is the Final Cause - the ultimate reason why things exist
4.3.4 The ultimate reason and final goal of movement
5 God
5.1 Aristotle rejects the idea that God thinks about the universe and what happens in it
5.1.1 That would be God changing God only reflects on being God
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