Standards and Purpose

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Standards and Purpose
1 In the present society rapidly growing trade relations, in which comparators and best sellers processes require
1.1 This process looks for a goal improving competitiveness and therefore the quality and productivity, as the only means of livelihood to the products entering the country from other countries and entry into international markets alternative growth and development.
1.1.1 In addition, there are various definitions of quality, taking the case also occurs a quality terminology by different business sectors or companies to respond to their specific needs perceived
2 Normalize, one thing is subjected to some norm or rulethat is tidying it I was not one thing or return to its normal state.
2.1 Basic principles in the process of Standardization
2.1.1 *representativeness, consensus, public consultation, modification, upgrade This process is accomplished through the development, issuance and dissemination at national standards, which can be of three types mainly Mexican Official Standard, Mexican standard, reference standards
2.2 Review, update or cancellation of Mexican standards should meet the same procedure for processing, but in any case should be revised or updated , within five years the publication of the declaration of validity
3 Quality Standards
3.1 Through the Directorate General of Standards is executed by the Mexican catalog Standards, which is reviewed and continuously updated with information obtained from the publications in the Official Journal of the Federation
3.1.1 Basic principles of quality Customer focused organization • LeaLeadership • Participation of all staff • Focus on processes System approach to the management • Continuous improvement objective approach towards making decisions mutually beneficial relations provider
4 Voluntary Standards
4.1 Mexican standards are voluntary , except in cases where the individuals manifest their products , processes or services are in conformity with the thereof and without prejudice to the dependencies required in an official standard Mexican observance for certain purposes.
4.1.1 Voluntary Standards are established through initiatives and programs agreed with the environmental authority in companies or industries , through commitments to new methods of control, input substitution , technological modernization.
5 metrology
5.1 is the study and all application own for measuring magnitudes , such as : lengths , angles, mass , time , speed , power , temperature , currents , etc.
5.1.1 its objective is: The definition of internationally accepted units of measure. The realization of units of measurement by scientific methods. The establishment of traceability chains by determining and documenting the value and accuracy of a measurement and disseminating that knowledge. Importance and Benefits development of metrology provides multiple benefits to the industrial world Promotes the development of a harmonized system of measurement, Facilitates industry Measurement Tools needed for research and development of certain fields Facilitates industry Measurement Tools needed for research and development of certain fields Perfect the methods and means of measurement. Facilitates the exchange of scientific and technical information . Allows for greater international standardization of products in general , machinery, equipment and means of measurement.
5.2 National Metrology Center
5.2.1 is the national reference laboratory on measurements. this is responsible for establishing and maintaining national standards , offering services metrological
6 quality audits
6.1 What matters is that the audit cares a lot about system performance , area or function being audited . Also the need to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of measures taken to achieve the stated objectives .
6.1.1 audit institutions Certification bodies , also known as certification bodies are organizations that are dedicated to deliver ISO 9000 certified companies . to issue these certificates, these organizations must first have a permit operation .
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