RE unit 2

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RE unit 2
1 Believing in God
1.1 Christian Upbringing
1.1.1 Baptism - Introduced to the Curch , the family of God. Promise are made to bring child up in Christian faith
1.1.2 Worship - Young child is taken to church on regular basis. This encourages a development in faith.
1.1.3 School- Church school continue to surround child in religious community, will be encourages to make commitment to faith.
1.1.4 Community - Churches provide social events. creates a sense of belonging and helps the young person to express their faith
1.1.5 Adulthood- They will then bring their own children up in the chrisitan faith.
1.2 Religious Experience
1.2.1 Mircale - Only God could have done it. Evidence God exists.
1.2.2 Answered Prayer - God is interested in them personally and he exists.
1.2.3 Numinous experience - Exocrine so powerful it convinces them God exists.
1.2.4 Conversion - Person is confronted with a choice, whether to believe in God or not.
1.3 Design Argument
1.3.1 World it so orderd and perfect e.g Trees taking in CO2 giving out o2
1.3.2 This complex world must have been designed.
1.3.3 It must have a designer
1.3.4 Desinger must be GOD
1.4 Causation argument
1.4.1 Nothing Happens by itself
1.4.2 Everything is caused by something
1.4.3 The universe could not just happen by itself
1.4.4 Power force must have caused the world
1.4.5 Powerful force must be God.
1.4.6 Thomas Aquinus Whatever changes must have been changed by something else. God is the original unchanging thing.
1.5 Science
1.5.1 EVOLUTION - Darwin Fossils
1.5.2 BIg- Bang theory Cosmic backgroun radiation Red shift - Universe is expanding
1.6 Chrisitan response to science
1.6.1 Fundalmentalist - The Bible is fact
1.6.2 Bible can be interpreted - mrssage and meaning are true but its not what actually happened.
1.6.3 Physical form of the world can be explained by science but the love within it cannot.
1.7 Unasnwered prayer
1.7.1 God does not exist Omniscient God would know how Omni - benevolent would want to Many people pray for same thing but it still does not work e.g World peace
1.7.2 Christian Response Sometimes answer is NO Trust God will do whats best God has answered prayer but i=not in the way expect. God has an ultimate plan for us.
1.8 Evil and suffering- Christian response
1.8.1 It was planned fro beginning then Adam and Eve disobeyed God and brought sin into the World
1.8.2 Evil and suffering is a test from God
1.8.3 Evil is not Gods fault - Humans have Free will
1.8.4 God knows why these things have to happen but we do not.
1.8.5 It allows us to follow Jesus' example - Helping others
1.9 Evil and Suffering God does to exists.
1.9.1 Omnibelevolent he would stop evil
1.9.2 Natural evil is strong evidence against God
1.9.3 Omni-potent `god would be able to stop suffering
1.9.4 Omniscient God would know how to stop suffering
2 Matter of Life and Death
2.1 Christians and Life after death
2.1.1 Jesus rose from the dead this suggests there is an afterlife
2.1.2 There are many verses in the Bible which mention afterlife
2.1.3 The Christian Churches all teach that there is an afterlife
2.1.4 It is apart of the creeds Nicene Creed " I look forward to the resurrection of the death and the life of the world to come."
2.1.5 Some Christians believe they have experienced the paranormal
2.1.6 It gives meaning and a purpose to life
2.2 Non religious people and Iife after death
2.2.1 Near death experience - describe leaving their bodies and seeing themselves from outside their bodies.
2.2.2 Ghosts- some pole claim to have seen ghosts
2.2.3 Contacting the dead - Mediums claim they can contact the dead
2.2.4 Reincarnation - experiences such as Deja vu
2.3 Abortion
2.3.1 Currently legal in the UK up to 24 weeks
2.3.2 Why is it controversial Where does life begin ? Pro choice or Pro life If the child is disabled does it make it okay? Does an unborn child have human rights?
2.3.3 Arguments for Mothers should have a right to choose - Pro choice Lesser of two evils - if the child was to be born severly disabled or if the mothers life is at risk In the case of rape - Child would be unwanted and ti would not be fair on the mother. Mother might not be able to bring the child up financially or for emotional reasons.
2.3.4 Arguments against Unborn child should have the same human rights as anyone else Life is special and should not be taken at any cost. Life beings at conception Just because child is going to be disabled doesn't give anyone the right to kill it. There are always loving parents who are willing to adopt.
2.3.5 Christian attitudes Evangelical and Roman catholics life begins at conception, the foetus is alive therefore it is murder, life is a gift from God and only God can take it away, God has a plan for every life we should not interfere The church of England Allows it in some cases , you must do the most loving thing "lesser of two evils" Liberal christians Oppose abortion but consider it the lesser of two evils, Jesus acted with love and compassion and so Chrisitians should do the same.
2.4 Euthanasia
2.4.1 Currently illegal in the UK
2.4.2 Arguments for allows you to die with dignity persons right to choose save money on medical costs better for the family to stop prolonged suffering
2.4.3 Arguments against Its murder less medical research into how to cure diseases Puts pressure on older people to ask foe euthanasia as they feel like they are a burden Would cause trust issues between doctors and patients
2.4.4 Christian attitudes Most Christians It is taking away of human life so its is murder Could be used for evil purposes Only god has the right to make away human life Some Christians The quality of life would be improved Other Christiasn Turn off life support machine as the life has already ended.
2.5 Causes of world poverty
2.5.1 Natural disasters
2.5.2 War
2.5.3 Corrupt leaders
2.5.4 Debt
2.5.5 Lack of health care and education
3 Marriage and Family
3.1 Changing attitudes in the UK
3.1.1 Historical events such as voting rights for women and abolition of slavery
3.1.2 View of world has become increasingly global. This opens people's mind to possibility of different responses
3.1.3 mixture s of cultures in the UK in recent years
3.1.4 People have become more tolerant
3.2 Christian attitudes to sex outside of marriage
3.2.1 The bible only allows for sex between marriage partners
3.2.2 Children born outside of marriage may have a less stable family life
3.2.3 Promistcuity makes a person vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.
3.2.4 Loving sexual relations unite a married couple
3.2.5 Adultery break the marriage vow of faithfulness
3.2.6 All christians thing adultery is wrong. A growing number of christians today do, nevertheless
3.3 Christian wedding ceremony
3.3.1 takes place in church emphasis on God's told in marriage
3.3.2 Exchanging of vows make a promise for a life long commitment to each other
3.3.3 verses from the Bible emphasise nature and purpose of marriage
3.3.4 Rings symbolise unending agreement of marriage
3.3.5 Congregation pray and ask for God's blessing and support to make the marriage work
3.4 Christian Attitudes to divorce
3.4.1 Catholics Jsus said "anyone who divorces his wife.. and marries another woman commits adultery" (Mark 10:11) Marriage is a sacrament and should not be broken Will allow annulment if they were forced into the marriage
3.4.2 Protestant Human beings can make mistakes and relationships can break down. allow divorce in some circumstances
3.5 Christian Attitudes towards homosexuality
3.5.1 evangelical christians are strongly opposed "No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that" God created man and woman to be in a marriage together
3.5.2 Roman catholics recommend homosexuals remain celibate Based on biblical teaching, being homosexual is not a sin, but having homosexual sex is. RC's believe sex should only take place within marriage
3.5.3 The church of England Homosexual partners should be judged on their strength of love,
3.5.4 Quakers Religion is a spiritual issue not a sexual one Welcomes homosexuals The Bible needs to be interpreted to fit modern day
3.6 parents responsibilities
3.6.1 care for children properly
3.6.2 Teach them how to live and to accept authority
3.6.3 Teach them about God
3.6.4 Take their child to be baptised and promise to bring them up in a loving , godly home.
3.7 Method of contraception
3.7.1 contraceptive pill
3.7.2 Contraceptive implant
3.7.3 condoms
3.7.4 Diaphragms and caps
4 Religion and Community Cohesion
4.1 Government promoting community cohesion
4.1.1 Funding local authorities to respond to problems such as immigration, and to encourage links between groups from different backgrounds through out projects
4.1.2 Practical support on cohesion
4.1.3 a new interfaith stray that focuses in what needs to be done to promote interaction and dialogue between faiths
4.1.4 citizenship days throughout the UK to celebrate national and local traditions such as British values asd respect for the rule of law
4.1.5 `informations packs for new immigrants that set out rights and responsibilities
4.1.6 Support with translation and learning in the English language for those who do not speak english.
4.2 Christian attitudes to women priests
4.2.1 Evangelical Protestants Men should be head of the family and women should not speak in church Their belief that the bible is unalterable word of God
4.2.2 Liberal Crhsitians Men and women should have equal roles in life and in church women should be allowed to be priests. St Paul said " There is neither... male nor female for you are all one person in God"
4.2.3 Roman Catholics Men and women should have equal roles because men and women have equal status in the eyes of God. But only men can be priests. Jesus only chose meant to be his successors
4.3 Advantages to living in a multi-ethnic society
4.3.1 It helps people of different races and cultures to understand one another better
4.3.2 It enables us to understand different religions
4.3.3 It gives us a wider variety of music, food,clothes and culture
4.3.4 It can bring new people with fresh ideas.
4.4 Why Christians should promote racial harmony
4.4.1 For God created man in his own image Genesis 1:27
4.4.2 God does not show favouritism, but accepts men from every nation. Acts 10:34-35
4.4.3 There is neither jew nor Greek.. you are all on in Christ. Galatians 3:28
4.4.4 Love your neighbour as yourself. Luke 10 :27
4.5 How do Assit Sheffield help asylum seekers
4.5.1 Finds night shelter for those who are sleeping rough
4.5.2 Finding temporary accommodation with host families and houses on loan
4.5.3 paying small weekly grant for food and basic living expenses
4.5.4 Advising about other sources of assistance available
4.5.5 giving bus passes to those who will find it difficult to walk
4.5.6 raising awareness about the problem through events and talks
4.6 Advantages to a multi-faith society
4.6.1 a varied and rich culture
4.6.2 A better understanding of different cultures and viewpoints
4.6.3 a greater tolerance and understanding of other ways of life
4.6.4 new ways of living and enjoying life
4.7 Christian attitudes to religious freedom
4.7.1 Evangelical- christians will go to heaven everyone else will be excluded
4.7.2 Catholics - christianity is the only region with the full truth
4.7.3 Pluralists - believe all religions lead to God they are equal and no on is wrong
4.8 Problems with interfaith marriage
4.8.1 what religions will the child be
4.8.2 Where will they get married
4.8.3 could cause conflict with families
4.8.4 which religious community will family belong to
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