Religion and Animal Rights

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Religion and Animal Rights
1 Key terms
1.1 Animal Experimntation
1.1.1 Experiments carried out using animals as the test subject
1.2 Animal Rights
1.2.1 The rights animals have to live without cruelty, and to have good treatment
1.3 Vegan
1.3.1 Someone who does not eat anything produced by animals
1.3.2 Slaughter Animals as food Vegetarianism No meat Why? Upbringing Moral Objection Health Taste Religious Dietry Laws Eg. Hindu Vegetarian Eg. Jewish Shechitah Butchery No Pork No Blood No Meat + Milk Kosher Halal Mortality?
1.4 Fur Trade
1.4.1 An industry which breeds animals to sell their fur in clothing etc.
1.5 Vegetarian
1.5.1 Someone who does not eat meat
2 Protecting Animals
2.1 Rights
2.2 Laws
2.3 Activism
2.3.1 Political Campaigning
2.3.2 Education All People Young People
2.3.3 Animal Rights Groups RSPCA PETA IFAW
3 Uses of Animals
3.1 Companionship
3.1.1 Dog
3.1.2 Cat
3.1.3 Bird
3.1.4 Issues Comfort to humans Have higher status than other animals More rights
3.2 Zoo
3.2.1 Education
3.2.2 Entertainment
3.2.3 Not natural environment or climate
3.2.4 Breeding Programmes
3.3 Hunting
3.3.1 Food Lamb Cows Hens
3.3.2 Fur
3.3.3 Sport Racing Blood Sports Shooting Fighting
3.4 Work Animal
3.4.1 Guide Dog
3.4.2 Police Dog
3.4.3 Beasts of Burden Worked to death Need harsh special training Not a natural life
3.5 Farms
3.5.1 Dairy Herd
3.5.2 Horses to pull carts
3.5.3 Animals just treated as products
3.5.4 Fattened and killed before they reach adulthood
3.6 Providers
3.6.1 Wool
3.6.2 Honey
3.6.3 Milk
3.6.4 Eggs
3.7 Test Subjects
4 Unfair Treatment of Animals
4.1 Cruelty
4.1.1 Hurt
4.1.2 Underfed
4.2 Overwork
4.3 Make Extinct
4.3.1 Dodo
5 Animals as Food
6 Religion
6.1 Christianity
6.1.1 God made the world and gave humans dominion over it.
6.1.2 Animals are part of creation and deserve respect and protection (Assisi Declarations)
6.1.3 Jesus said God cares about even the sparrows
6.1.4 The earth and everything in it is the lord's (Genesis)
6.1.5 Scientists must abandon laboratories and factories of death. John Paul II
6.2 Islam
6.2.1 Humans are Khalifah - Stewards of the world
6.2.2 Nature is inferior to humans and can be used to improve the well being of people.
6.2.3 Showing kindness to an animal is an act rewarded by Allah
6.2.4 Mohammed insisted animals were well treated
6.2.5 If an animal unjustly kills an animal he will be accused by the animal on Judgement Day
6.3 Sanctity of life
6.4 Stewardship
6.5 Dominion
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