Transitional Expressions

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Transitional Expressions
  1. Definition
    1. They prevent shock and confusion from your readers.
      1. Ex: Besides, Second, Also, And, Or, As Well, Etc.
        1. Time and Sequence
          1. Time
            1. Afterwards, At Last, Before, Currently, During, Earlier, Next, Etc.


              • Afterwards
            2. Sequence
              1. First, Second, Third, Next, Then, Finally, Initially, Later, Etc.
            3. Opposition Transitional Expressions
              1. But, However, In Spite Of, Nevertheless, Etc.
              2. Emphasis Transitional Expressions
                1. Even, Indeed, In fact, Of Course, Truly, Etc.
                2. Place Transitional Expressions
                  1. Above, Farther, Etc..
                  2. Cause and Effect Transitional Expressions
                    1. Accordingly, Therefore, Etc.
                    2. To Conclude Transitional Expressions
                      1. Finally, Brief, To Conclude, Etc.
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