WIL Vision Eve - ways to take next steps (Aug 2013)


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WIL Vision Eve - ways to take next steps (Aug 2013)
  1. WIL Being in Print
    1. A book
      1. Blog
        1. Collection of pieces
        2. Professional Support
          1. To be able to read work, share a screenplay, read a script
          2. Live Events
            1. Rehearsed Readings
              1. Scenes
                1. Ripping scripts (office of night long learning)
                  1. 5 pages per week read out loud
                  2. Reading opposite roles - eg. Male reads females roles and vice versa
                    1. Book slam style event
                    2. "Spread the love rather than the cynicism"
                      1. Other words mentioned
                        1. conform
                          1. manifesto
                        2. Group booklet for agent meetings
                          1. Also can be used for producer meetings
                            1. Avail in the members only section perhaps
                            2. Online series "Choose your own adventure"
                              1. Each week can go toward A or B. A writer must continue the story
                              2. WIL Blog
                                1. Different contributors each week from the group
                                2. Make a film
                                  1. Young writers reading the material
                                    1. Showreel for a writer
                                      1. Make a trailer
                                        1. Committing screenwriting to film
                                          1. * Q: What could you do with a novel?
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