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Mind Map on BELOVED, created by Victoria Handley on 04/27/2015.

Resource summary

  1. Single frame
    1. Symbolic
      1. Crossing of genre's and styles
        1. 3rd person to interior monologue
          1. multiple viewpoints
            1. limited perspective
            2. Slaves become a 'powerful presence'
              1. Interwines mythic, folk and poetic threads
                1. Creates an identity for the slaves
                  1. Makes the reader work hard
                    1. readers play an active role
                      1. Beloved's identity remains a mystery
                        1. construct their own meaning
                        2. themes of slavery, supernatural and memories
                          1. Black culture and society
                            1. Subtle hints throughout
                              1. '124 was spiteful' 3 is missing (dead child)
                              2. 1987
                                1. America
                                  1. After the American Civil War (1861)
                                    1. traditional attitude to women
                                      1. fiction and history
                                        1. Paradox of realistic unrealism
                                        2. depressive
                                          1. shifts between the past and present
                                            1. difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction
                                              1. blurring of the truth
                                                1. presents the problems of fredom and equality for black people
                                                  1. reconstructing the past
                                                    1. psychological and emotional elements of 'blackness'
                                                      1. characters are defined by racial barriers
                                                        1. main characters-Sethe, Paul D, Beloved & Denver
                                                        2. reconstructs the idea of slavery
                                                          1. stream of consciousness
                                                            1. THEMES
                                                              1. breakdown of space and time
                                                                1. flashbacks
                                                                2. paranoia
                                                                  1. constant worry of Beloved's ghost
                                                                3. Christian associations
                                                                  1. symbolism
                                                                    1. constrasting settings
                                                                      1. Sweet home Kentucky
                                                                        1. 124 Bluestone Road
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