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  1. what is cooperative learning
    1. It´s an instructional strategy where small teams of students work (2-6 members)
      1. Porpuse
        1. Mazimize individual and collective learning
        2. How to Develop?
          1. Teacher organize groups of 2-6 members
            1. Teacher provide to students instructions of the work
              1. Students cooperate with one another to work through the assigment
                1. Goals are accomplished individually by each team member and collectively by the group as a whole
      2. what does cooperative moodel look like?
        1. Team mates are responsable for their own learning and also for the team mates learning
          1. The teams are made up of students from high to low learning capacity
            1. Teams must be
              1. heterogeneous in gender, race culture and socioeconomic status
                1. cooperative and collaborate members
                2. Team members benefit from the individual contributions of the individual team members
                  1. Rewards are oriented towards the group
            2. elements of cooperative learning
              1. Positive interdependence
                1. Individual and group accountability
                  1. Interpersonal and small group skills
                    1. Face to face promotive interaction
                      1. Group processing
                        1. members need to be
                          1. Comunicatives
                            1. respecfull
                              1. investigators of helpful and unhelpful members
                                1. deciders about behaviors to continue, change or discontinue
                              2. Members need to
                                1. teach each others
                                  1. Explain how to solve problems
                                    1. Check for their understanding
                                      1. Promote one another´s success
                                    2. Members must be
                                      1. Able to manage conflicts
                                        1. effective leadership
                                          1. Doer of decisions
                                            1. Able to build trust
                                              1. Able to communicate
                                                1. Be motivated
                                              2. Members of the group must be
                                                1. Contribute and helper to reach its goals
                                              3. Task and goals are clearly defined
                                                1. Efforts of the team benefits individual and in group
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