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Unidade I - Ingles IFTM

Resource summary

  1. UNIT 1
    1. Brands
          1. Reading
            1. What Computer Science is not ...
              1. Can Computer Science be combined with other fields of study?
                1. What are hot topics in Computer Science today?
                  1. What exactly is Computer Science?
                  2. Vocabulary
                    1. meaningful
                      1. dual-major
                      2. Grammar
                        1. Simple Present
                          1. "The only way to do great work isto love you do." - Steve Jobs
                          2. Listening
                              1. FedEx Ad: Fishing Vacation
                                1. FedEx Ad - Spring Break
                              2. Idioms
                                  1. Thinkink outside the box.
                                    1. As soon as possible.
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