Government Structure

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Structure of government in the UK

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Government Structure
  1. The EU
    1. The House of Commons
      1. The House of Lords
        1. Devolved assemblies
          1. Local government (County/District/Borough)
            1. Parish councils
              1. This is the lowest tier of governments, who are charged with running the most local services in a town, such as planning permission,
              2. These are the local councils that run the local authorities across the UK, dealing with the most local issues and providing day to day services for areas.
              3. The Assemblies of devolved countries in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; each have their members and various powers to help run their countries.
              4. Made up of over 1,000 Lords, who are mostly appointed. They have less powers then the Commons.
              5. Made up of 650 MPs, who are all elected. The PM and their Cabinet sit here.
              6. Introduces regulations and laws, agreed by all member of the EU before implementation
                1. The Prime Minister and Cabinet
                  1. The leader of the party who won the most votes at the election, and the secretaries of state for various issues. They run the country.
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