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Computer Science Revision
    1. MABU ROBOT:
      1. one advantage of using the Mabu robot is that it can be on your bedside table and can be interacted with so provides convenient and human-like support. Life support is very useful as it is used to aid in keeping injured or ill patients alive. Hotel robots are useful as it means that humans don't have to do the cleaning themselves and save lots of time.
      2. Ethics on care robots:
          1. If care robot malfunctions, who will assist the child?
            1. The patient/child may not have very good social skills
              1. The child/patient may feel alone
                1. There may be design flaws for certain situations
                2. ADVANTAGES
                  1. Don't have to pay wages
                    1. No human error
                      1. Accurate readings
                        1. Works 24/7
                          1. Doesn't need breaks/rest
                            1. precision work
                        2. COMPUTERS IN THE MODERN WORLD
                          1. E-Waste and recycling:
                            1. Recycling:
                              1. The benefits of this are that the waste from our computers and electrical goods will be reduced if we reuse the parts or the whole machines. Meaning less waste dumped in landfills and therefore less pollution in areas.
                                1. mainly benefits the people in places like Africa who live next to these toxic dumps of our electronic waste
                                  1. will cause less harm to them as there will be less toxic gases and materials that are left there.
                            2. E-waste
                              1. E-waste from more developed and rich countries is usually dumped in the poorer areas/countries such as Kenya
                                1. This waste is very harmful and dangerous due to the toxic materials used in electronicd
                                  1. A way to make it much safer would be to try to find/discover more eco friendly and less harmful alternatives tothese materials
                                2. LEGISLATION AND PRIVACY
                                  1. The data protection act:
                                    1. data must be processed fairly and lawfull
                                      1. data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive
                                        1. data must be accurate and up to date
                                          1. data must not be retained for longer than necessary
                                            1. data can only be used for the purpose for which it was collected
                                              1. data must be kept secure
                                                1. Not transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEC) without adequate protection
                                                2. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988)
                                                  1. Copyright law protects the owner of a creative work from having it illegally copied
                                                    1. When you see the symbol and text, e.g. © Copyright J K Rowling this means that you are not allowed to copy or redistribute this work
                                                    2. Computer Misuse Act (1990):
                                                      1. Designed to prosecute hackers who gain access to computer systems without consent
                                                        1. Software developers should not create programs that are capable of gaining unauthorised access to other programs or data
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