Stress part one

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Stress part one
  1. Reaction
    1. Autonomic nervous system governs the bodily functions that need to be automatic.
      1. Sympathetic branch gets body ready for fight or flight. Makes us more alert and gives us more energy.
        1. 1) Hypothalamus stimulates the adrenal medulla. 2) Adrenaline is released. 3)the body is ready for fight or flight.
          1. Acute stress
            1. Physiological reactions include increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.
            2. Parasympathetic branch. Rest and digest. when our body is in a relaxed state and functioning normally. low levels of adrenaline.
              1. 1) Hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary gland to release ACTH- adrencorticotrophic hormone. 2) Stimulates the adrenal cortex. 3) releases corticosteroids.
                1. Chronic stress
                  1. Liver releases energy and the immune system is supressed.
              2. Stress and Illness
                1. Natural immunity provides immediate response to foreign invaders
                  1. white blood cells give natural immunity
                    1. effected more than specific immunity
                    2. Specific immunity occurs when our lymphocytes produce antibodies to eliminate specific antigens.
                      1. less affected by stress as memory of white blood cells is not affected.
                      2. Selyes general adaption syndrome
                        1. Animal study giving rats daily injections. they started to develop stress related symptoms. ALARM, RESISTANCE and EXHAUSTION!
                      3. Illness research studies
                        1. Cohen et al wanted to see whether people with high stress levels were more likely to get ill than those with low levels.
                          1. 394 participants asked questonaires about stress levels
                            1. A nasal drip either exposed them to the common cold or a saline soloution.
                              1. 82% became infected which positively correlated to levels of stress.
                                1. long term stress leads to illness
                                  1. X social desirability- self report X ethical issues
                                  2. Kiecolt Glaser et al investigated whether the stress of sitting an exam has an effect on the functioning of the immune system.
                                    1. 75 medical students had blood samples taken from them one month before the exam (low stress) and during the exam (high stress).
                                      1. T-cell activity was measured (essential for immunity).
                                        1. T-cell activity was lower in the second sample. short term stress leads to illness.
                                      2. Holmes and Rahes SRRS = The social Readjustment Rating Scale
                                        1. Rahe investigated whether scores on the SRRS correlated with the subsequent onset of illness.
                                          1. 2,500 male american sailors
                                            1. SRRS assessed how many life events they'd experienced in the previous six months.
                                              1. Over 6 months of tour duty records were kept of health status
                                                1. Positive correlation between life change scores and illness scores. as life change units increased, so did the frequency of illness.
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