the cuban missile crisis

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cuban missiles crisis

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the cuban missile crisis
  1. what happened
    1. revolution in cuba
      1. great blow to america
        1. attack on cuba
          1. by cuban exiles and USA
            1. set up a base for guerrilla hoping some people join the revolution
              1. the Bay of Pigs
              2. failed
                1. because
                  1. how popular castro was
                    1. humiliating for the president Kennedy
                    2. they uderestimate the cuban armed stregth
                2. the strggle of control over cuba was part of the world wide cold war
                  1. in early 1962 the americans placed a number of nuclear missiles in turkey.within easy range for many USSR
                    1. shortly after this Khrushchev decided to place missiles on cuba


                      • that man was the prime secretary of USSR
              3. SOURCES
                1. why the secretaty of USSR placed those missiles
                  1. SOURCE A
                    1. prime secretary placed missiles to "protect cuba " from USA ,
                      1. sense USA had been trying to restore the control over Cuba,they didn´t believe that such a small nacion could actually mantain for their own.
                    2. SOURCE B
                      1. the defence minister alert Khrushchev that the missiles of USA could destroy the cities of Kiev ,Minsk and Moscow
                        1. from that moment the idea of the missiles appeared
                    3. CRISIS
                      1. the soviets tried to move missiles to the Caribbean secretly
                        1. Khruschshev stated in public that they woudn´t place missiles in cuba that would reach USA
                          1. president of USA could demostrate that he was liying
                          2. plane flew over Cuba and took pictures of the missiles, this was informed to president Kennedy ,after that president worked with the bes of their men to plan how to attack ,this was a very secret manage
                            1. what the president decided was to 1. get ready for the invasion of Cuba ,and second but most important mount a blockade of the island.
                              1. On october 22 a "quarantine " was announced
                                1. they said they will stop and search for all boats bound to Cuba
                                  1. still the secretary continued denying all of it
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