Reason and Experience pros and cons

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Advantages and disadvantages

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Reason and Experience pros and cons
  1. Rationalism
    1. advantages of rationalism include those of Descartes and Plato. Ball of wax to suppose fallibility of the senses.
      1. Disadvantages are all regarding the views of empiricism. All of Locke and Hume's views and the idea that idiots are unable to get the same knowledge as everyone therefore innate ideas cannot be universalised.
        1. Descartes - Waves of Doubt, senses are falllible
          1. Disadvantages - risks solipsism, separates mind from body and does not survive the verification principle.
            1. Advantages - explains how senses can be deceiving, we cannot doubt our own existence, removes the role of experience if we believe we cannot trust senses.
            2. Plato
              1. Advantages - explains how we group things together, perfect circle, cave allegory
                1. Disadvantages - appeals to transcendental realm, slave boys and who decides on the forms.
              2. Empiricism
                1. Advantages include responses from science. Observation is used in order to gain new scientific knowledge. Also sensory experience accounts for all of the senses, reason does not.
                  1. Disadvantages include examples such as ball of wax. Senses are fallible
                    1. Locke - the mind is a tabula rasa. We furnish our empty cabinet with repitition of experience in order to gain our knowledge.
                      1. Advantages - Locke's ideas reflect real world experience, supports Ockham's razor(simplest explanation)
                        1. Disadvantages - Idea has been confused with experience, argument is misdirected and there is no abstraction with Locke's theory. A different dog is not a different idea.
                        2. Hume
                          1. Advantage - coherent explanation of how we get ideas, complex/simple ideas and missing shade of blue explanation
                            1. Disadvantage - counter point to missing shade of blue, empathy, necessity, causation and self
                          2. Kant
                            1. Advantage - conceptual scheme explains role of reason and experience, ties together empiricism and rationalism and ship analogy
                              1. Disadvantage - Conceptual relativism, synthetic a priori - maths? and Hume:schemes are confusing
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