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A quick Mind Map on chapter 40 in Exploring Science.

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  1. Sound: Is a form of energy.
    1. Sound requires a medium to travel.
      1. Sound travels because the vibrations are passed from molecule to molecule, therefore sound requires a medium to travel through.
        1. Examples: Solid, Liquid, Gas
      2. The Speed of Sound
        1. The Speed of Sound in air is about 340m/s.
          1. This can change slightly if the temperature or air pressure changes.
          2. The Speed of Sound in water is slower than in air.
            1. Sound Waves travel fastest through Solids and slowest through Gases. (The Particles are closer together in a solid which helps the vibrations travel faster than a gas, as gas molecules are spread out).
            2. Reflected Sound (Echo)
              1. When Sound meets are hard, flat surface, the sound wave is reflected back from the surface.This is what we call an Echo.
                1. Echo: Is a Reflected Sound
                2. The Human Ear and Loud Sounds
                  1. The scientific name for the loudness of a sound is the Sound Intensity Level. Here we call this Sound Level. Sound Level is measured in Decibels.
                  2. Ear Protection
                    1. 120 Decibles is the loudest sound level you should listen to.
                      1. 120 Decibels will case pain in your ear and most likely will result in permanent ear damage.
                        1. Any sound above 70 Decibels can cause harm to your ear, it is for this reason that hearing protection is recommended for loud sounds.
                        2. Noise and Effects
                          1. Noise: A noise is any unwanted sound.What one person might consider noise another person might not.
                            1. Noise can cause hearing problems. Three effects of Noise:
                              1. 1)Headaches 2)Nausea 3)Deafness
                              2. Three ways to reduce the effects of Noise:
                                1. 1)Ear Protectors 2)Double Glazing 3)Putting noisy machinery in insulated rooms.
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