GCSE algebra

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Daniel Powell
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GCSE algebra
  1. Factorising
    1. Solving equations
      1. Travel graphs
        1. Algebraic fractions
          1. Gradients and graphs
            1. Equations of a straight line
              1. Simultaneous equations
                1. Inequalities
                  1. Indices
                    1. Indices show us how many times a number should be used to multiply itself E.g. 4² = 4x4 where the ² is and indices. This is the same in algebra where y² = yxy.
                      1. When multiplying indices add them together - Y²xY¹= (2+1) =Y­­³
                        1. When dividing indices subtract them - Y³/Y²= (3-2) =Y­¹
                          1. When raising to a power multiply them together (Y²)¹= (2x1) =Y²
                        2. Quadratic equations
                          1. Functions
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