Stylistic Codes

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Stylistic Codes
  1. Mise en Scene
    1. Costume
      1. Reflects a characters personality
      2. Hair
        1. show if theyve been doing physical activities etc.
        2. Makeup
          1. Important to show someones character
          2. Lighting
            1. Important to show night/day, tension.
            2. Props
              1. Show someones surroundings
              2. Setting
                1. Show where someone is or set the scene
                2. Figure expression
                  1. Show someones expression to show mood/feelings
                  2. Body Language
                    1. Used to show feelings
                  3. Framing and angle
                    1. Wide
                      1. A wide shot is used to show the scene/area.
                      2. Close Up (CU)
                        1. Usually used to show an expression or reaction
                        2. Medium shot
                          1. Good for conversations and hand gestures. Known as 2 shot because it fits 2 people in
                          2. Overhead
                            1. Show something from above (Birdseye view)
                            2. Over shoulder
                              1. To show what someones looking at
                              2. Point of view (POV)
                                1. To show what someones looking at
                                2. High angle/Low angle
                                  1. Long shot
                                    1. To show the entire subject
                                    2. Medium close up (MCU), Medium Long shot (MLS)
                                      1. Straight shot
                                        1. Show people straight on
                                      2. Movement
                                        1. Tracking
                                          1. Follows/Tracks the subject as it/they move
                                          2. Slow motion
                                            1. Puts more emphasis on their movements
                                            2. Zoom in
                                              1. Makes you notice something about the subject
                                              2. Zoom out
                                                1. Notice surroundings
                                                2. Tilting
                                                  1. Tilt the camera to give a surreal effect
                                                  2. Speed
                                                    1. Effect on how fast/slow something is moving
                                                    2. Handheld
                                                      1. Cameraman is part of the video
                                                      2. Crane
                                                        1. Taken on a crane, shows moving up/down a great height
                                                        2. Panning
                                                          1. Usually used to show an area
                                                        3. Colour
                                                          1. Contrast
                                                            1. Makes something look strikingly different, stand out
                                                            2. Brightness
                                                              1. How bright something is, effects how you look at the subject/scene
                                                              2. Black and White
                                                                1. Often used if you want an old-movie effect.
                                                                2. Filters
                                                                  1. Affect the colour-scheme of a picture/video
                                                                  2. Saturation
                                                                    1. Intensity of a colour on an image
                                                                    2. Desaturation
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