Topic 19- Networks

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Topic 19- Networks
  1. Networks
    1. What is a network
      1. A network is when two or more computers are linked together so they can share resources
        1. Client- Server Networks-A powerful computer called the server, is used to store data for the network, which the network is dependent on,
          1. Peer to peer network- All computer share resources, as more people use, it slows down
      2. LANS AND WANS
        1. LANS
          1. LANS ( Local Area Network) - Confined to a small area, located to a single building, Cheap to build and run
          2. WANS
            1. WAN-( Wide Area Network)- Cover a wide area, used in different buildings , expensive to build and run
          3. Topologies
            1. Ring Toplogies
              1. Advantages- Easy to add extra devices, each computer has same access
                1. Disadvantages- If there is a break, whole network fails, faults are difficult to locate, impossible to keep network runing while adding new hardware
                2. Bus Toplogies
                  1. Advantages- All devices are connnected using one cable, signals are passed along the backbone in each direction. Cost effective, and easy to add extra devices
                  2. Star Toplogies
                    1. Advantages- Fault and load tolerant and easy to add extras
                      1. Disadvantages- Higher Cost, and dependance on router/ switch.
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