Supporting students with language development in the classroom

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supporting students with language development

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Supporting students with language development in the classroom
  1. Development of Pramatics
    1. non verbal and verbal strategies
      1. Understanding appropriateness when interacting. EG: Answering questions, waiting for your turn to speak
        1. School environment is different to home environment
          1. Understanding differences in cultural language
            1. Respecting other cultural expressos
            2. Semantic Development
              1. Relationship between signs and symbols in sentences and what they represent
                1. Fostering semantic development
                  1. Give definitions to new words
                    1. Correct a child and give them feedback if they use a wrong word
                      1. Talk and have class discussions regularly
                        1. Give examples and non examples of a word to help children understand the meaning
                      2. Syntactic Development
                        1. Combining words into meaningful sentences
                          1. Allow children to express ideas by writing or speaking
                            1. Expanding on young chilftrnd telegraphic speech: repeating sentences in a more mature form
                              1. Teaching irregular forms of verbs and comparative adjectives:
                                1. Getting children to examine and practise common syntactic structures: active and passive voice
                                2. Development of speaking skills
                                  1. Give children many opportunities to speak in both structured and unstructured contexts
                                    1. Engage infants as early as age 3 in conversation
                                    2. Let children know when their message is difficult to understand
                                      1. Ask children to recall events in order to get them to respond
                                        1. Encourage creativity in oral language: writing stories, poems, songs, jokes
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