Stop Smoking

Anika Nawar
Mind Map by Anika Nawar, updated more than 1 year ago
Anika Nawar
Created by Anika Nawar over 6 years ago


the mind map to quit smoke and it's impact

Resource summary

Stop Smoking
  1. Ready
    1. Responsible
      1. Quit
      2. Willing
        1. Able
        2. Action
          1. Do Decide
            1. Immediately
          2. Positive
            1. Do Action
              1. Dicission
            2. Critical
              1. Habitual
                1. Life changing
                2. Illusion
                  1. Excuses
                    1. Stressed without it
                    2. Benefits
                      1. REductions
                        1. Heart Problem
                          1. Blood Pressure
                            1. Stroke
                              1. Breathing Problems
                              2. Increase
                                1. Efficiency
                                  1. Circulation
                                    1. Ftnes
                                      1. Energy
                                    2. Tips
                                      1. Don't buy
                                        1. Try
                                          1. Aim
                                            1. Plan
                                              1. Decide
                                                1. Act
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