Effects of exercise on the muscles

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Effects of exercise on the muscles
  1. Short Term Effects
    1. Increase in muscle temperature
      1. Due to the chemical reactions producing heat.
        1. Warms up your muscles in preparation for exercise.
          1. Reduces chances of injury.
          2. Fatigue
            1. Ability to use oxygen is less efficient.
              1. Muscles demand more oxygen to finction.
              2. Build up of lactic acid
                1. Due to oxygen debt.
                  1. Stored on the working muscles.
                    1. Causes fatigue.
                      1. During aerobic respiration.
                      2. Glycogen stores released
                        1. In the muscles from the liver.
                          1. Causes increase in glucose levels.
                            1. Increases energy availability.
                            2. Increased demand for oxygen
                              1. More oxygen is needed to produce glucose.
                                1. Can cause and oxygen debt.
                              2. Long Term Effects
                                1. Muscular Hypotrophy
                                  1. Only with training.
                                    1. Muscles get bigger and stronger.
                                      1. Requires sustained exercise.
                                        1. Requires adequate rest.
                                          1. Beneficial in weightlifting to help lift heavier weights with ease and outlift competitors.
                                          2. Improved muscular endurance
                                            1. Requires sustained exercise.
                                              1. Allows muscles to work for longer without fatigue.
                                                1. Beneficial in long distance events as fatigue is offset for longer, allowing the runner to work harder for longer.
                                                2. Strengthening of areas around joints
                                                  1. Such as tendons.
                                                    1. Decreases risk of injury.
                                                      1. Allows harder training sessions.
                                                      2. Increased myoglobin stores
                                                        1. Gives more protein to the muscles.
                                                          1. Aids the transportation of oxygen.
                                                            1. Benefits marathon runners, better supply of oxygen to the muscles offsetting the chance of oxygen debt and lactic acid.
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