Larry LaSalle

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Mind map about the character of Larry LaSalle from the novel Heroes by Robert Cormier.

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Larry LaSalle
  1. Presentation to the other characters
    1. From the start he was a role model - very movie star, glamorous. "Smile that revealed dazzling movie star teeth."
      1. Too good to be true? Poster boy, macho man. "Is that his real name?"
        1. Loved by the children at the Wreck Centre
          1. Almost unreal - mysterious past
            1. "He discouraged questions."
              1. Secrets - hidden side to Larry?
                1. Didn't want people to know about his past
            2. Role model, hero before the war
              1. "The broad shoulders of an athlete and the narrow hips of a dancer. He was both."
                1. "Larry LaSalle was everywhere in the centre."
                  1. Always present - someone they could look up to - especially Francis
                  2. Had many talents, children idolised him
            3. The Wreck Centre
              1. Larry rebuilds the centre and helps the children there
                1. "Larry LaSalle had been a bright Pied Piper for their children."
                  1. "Pied Piper" - leading them to their doom?
                    1. Some of the children followed him into war and got killed - Joey LeBlanc
                      1. "Anger that we had never seen before flashing in his eyes."
                      2. Doom for Nicole after her raped her
                        1. She was damaged and trapped - she couldn't tell anyone
                        2. He destroyed the idol image and hero that Francis thought he was
                          1. "If I want one thing, it would be to have you look at me again the way you did at the Wreck Centre."
                      3. He built up their confidence
                        1. "You are all stars."
                      4. Control
                        1. Larry manipulated the children - he had an element of control over them
                          1. "We always did what Larry LaSalle told us to do."
                      5. Nicole and Francis
                        1. Larry made everything seem like a movie to them
                          1. "As if we were living a love scene at the Plymouth."
                          2. "My favourite champion and my favourite dancer."
                            1. "My" - they belonged to him
                              1. Loved Nicole a different way - raped her
                                1. "The sweet young things, Francis. Even their heat is sweet..."
                                  1. Couldn't help himself- an addiction?
                                    1. Shows no remorse about Nicole's attack - is not burdened with guilt like Francis
                                  2. Singling them out made them trust him and feel special
                                2. Loneliness
                                  1. Lives alone, in poor health
                                    1. Forced loneliness
                                    2. Had no real friends
                                      1. Like Francis, he doesn't hang around with the other veterans at St Jude's Club
                                        1. Kept moving all the time
                                          1. Why he set up the Wreck Centre?
                                        2. Does not feel guilt
                                          1. Sees good and evil as a scale -"Does that one sin of mine wipe away all the good things?"
                                            1. We love the thing that makes us evil. I love the sweet young things."
                                              1. Working in the Wreck Centre repayment?
                                                1. Francis' motive for his evil is Nicole and he loves her
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