touching the void

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the plot of the book and notes on the different chapters

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touching the void
  1. answer the question like a question 4
    1. chapters 5&6
      1. • The accident and the attempt to climb down until the rope is cut
      2. chapter 3
        1. tension begins to show between joe and simon
          1. Joe begins to feel real fear for the first time
        2. chapter 4
          1. The mood darkens, and soon Joe has his first fall.
            1. The distance between them on the cliff makes it hard to communicate, and their own worries cause tensions to emerge again between them.
            2. chapter 5
              1. progress is slow
                1. Joe falls into a crevasse his reaction is anger as much as anything
                  1. no clear way down and he makes several attempts to find a way past a vertical wall of soft snow.
                    1. Digging his axe into the ice in order to lower himself he hears a crack and then falls and smashes onto a ledge below, shattering his knee.
                      1. Joe thinks he will not be able to make it down the mountain – so he is effectively dead.
                        1. Simon comes up with a plan to get them off the mountain
                          1. hey will lower each other down the face of the mountain using the 300-foot line that roped them together.
              2. chapter 6
                1. begin their descent.
                  1. joes in a lot of pain
                    1. Joe falls and finds himself hanging in mid-air with the cliff six feet away from him.
                      1. Joe’s weight will pull him off the slope, dragging them both to their deaths.
                        1. He thinks through his options, remembers the knife in his ruck-sack and decides to act insisting he didn’t have any other choice.
                2. chapter 7
                  1. Joe dangles on the rope for a long time expecting to drop any second
                    1. he suddenly feels himself drop and after hitting snow slips into the crevasse where he falls again until he smacks into a rock ledge.
                      1. joe doesn't realise whats occurred; he pulls on the rope hoping simon will anchor him down
                        1. he pulls the rope and finds that it’s been cut.
                  2. chapter 8
                    1. simon realises whats happened and is worried that people will judge him for his decisions
                      1. He considers hiding the truth to save himself having to answer some difficult questions
                        1. as soon as he gets back to Richard he tells him everything
                          1. Richard is very reassuring
                    2. chapter 9
                      1. Joe climbs down into the dark depths of the crevasse.
                        1. Energised by the possibility of escape, he develops a careful pattern of movement that he can repeat over and over, ensuring slow but careful progress.
                          1. after several hours and set backs inally emerges into the light
                            1. till has too far to go and too much to do and he feels the pull of despair –
                              1. he hears a voice begin to urge him on.
                      2. chapter 10
                        1. when working his way down; he sees tracks and realises they're simons
                          1. He finds a way of making his way by crawling but, increasingly delirious with pain, exhaustion and lack of food, his mind keeps wondering off.
                            1. the voice is the only thing keeping him going
                        2. chapter 11
                          1. He crawls on but is wearied as much by fear as the sheer physical effort needed to keep moving. He keeps passing out but is awoken by the voice urging him on.
                            1. makes a splint for his leg from his foam sleeping mat. This enables him to develop a kind of hopping hobble so he can make better progress
                              1. finds some water - drinks it
                                1. he finally collapses he cannot get up again so he gets his sleeping bag out and sleeps where he lies.
                          2. chapter 12
                            1. Richard convinces Simon to pack up and leave - they thinks Joe's dead.
                              1. Joe struggles on and collapses frequently
                                1. as he gets nearer his goal he is consumed by a sense of despair
                                  1. joe doesn't know if simon and richard have left or not
                                    1. voice erges him on
                              2. chapter 13
                                1. Joe stumbles forward and collapses again. He is stuck by the sharp smell of human excrement.
                                  1. Evidence of the camp, but since he cannot see the tents he’s sure his friends are gone. (they aren't)
                                    1. Joe keeps shouting Simons name
                                      1. Simon hears and shouts for Joe
                                  2. joe is found
                                    1. Simon and Joe swap stories
                                      1. assuring no blame
                                      2. needs to get him to a doctor ASAP
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