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1 Observations
1.1 Galen emphasize the importance of "Hippocrates" method. He told the doctors to observe, record & use their experience of past cases to decide how to treat the illness
2 Four Humours
2.1 He believed in the Four Humours. Galen used opposites to treat the Humours
2.1.1 Example- Chili and Phlegm
3 Galen importance to medicine
3.1 Old & New Combined
3.1.1 Combing his own with hippocrates
3.2 The Church
3.2.1 The Church loved him! He said the body fitted together as a perfect whole. This fitted with God designing the body
3.3 Books
3.3.1 Wrote 60 books, all were influetial
4 New ideas & Methods
4.1 New idea 1
4.1.1 He encouraged dissection & not to take things at face value
4.2 New idea 2
4.2.1 Brain controls the body, not the heart
4.3 New idea 3
4.3.1 Arteries and veins carry blood

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