An Inspector Calls: Characters

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Mind map displaying each character in Priestly's 'An Inspector Calls'.

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An Inspector Calls: Characters
  1. Eric
    1. Mr Birling
      1. Capitalist
        1. Has an antithetical view to Priestly
          1. "A man has to mind his own business"
          2. Oxymoronic Naivety
            1. Dramatic Irony
              1. "Titanic... absolutely unsinkable"
                1. "Russia.. will always be behindhand"
              2. 7 Deadly Sins
                1. Greed
                  1. "Working together... for lower costs and higher prices"
                  2. Pride
                    1. "Just a knighthood of course"
                  3. Lack of change
                    1. Refuses to accept change
                      1. "But the whole thing's different now"
                  4. Mrs Birling
                    1. Snobbery
                      1. "Girls of that class"
                      2. 7 Deadly Sins
                        1. Pride
                          1. "Piece of gross impertinence"
                        2. Denial
                          1. Her own actions
                            1. Claims not to recognise the photograph
                              1. "I did nothing I'm ashamed of"
                              2. Actions of others
                                1. "There must be some mistake" (on Eric)
                                  1. "Scruples that were absurd in a girl in her position" (on Eva)
                              3. Gerald
                                1. 7 Deadly Sins
                                  1. Lust
                                    1. Setting up Eva/Daisy as his mistress
                                  2. Aristocracy
                                    1. Similar to Mrs. Birling
                                      1. Marrying 'beneath him'
                                      2. "Old country family"
                                      3. Conflict
                                        1. Only one to feel for Eva
                                          1. "I was sorry for her"
                                          2. Attempts to rid his responsibility
                                            1. Tries desperately to prove the Inspector's non-existence
                                        2. Sheila
                                          1. The Inspector
                                            1. Socialism
                                              1. "We are members of one body"
                                                1. Mouthpiece for Priestly's views
                                                  1. Historical Context
                                                    1. General Strike 1964
                                                      1. WW2 dismantled old systems of class
                                                    2. Authority
                                                      1. Contrast against the Birlings
                                                        1. (Dryly) against (Distressed)
                                                        2. (Takes charge massively)
                                                        3. Identity
                                                          1. Time
                                                            1. Ouspensky's Theory
                                                              1. Dunne's Theory
                                                              2. Existence
                                                                1. Person
                                                                  1. Supernatural
                                                                    1. Goole - Ghoul
                                                                2. Revealer
                                                                  1. Systematic Interrogation
                                                                    1. "One line of enquiry at a time"
                                                                    2. Dissection
                                                                      1. (Cutting in)
                                                                        1. Invagination
                                                                          1. Uncomfortable exterior entering the interior
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