touching the void - characters

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this is some points on the characters.

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touching the void - characters
  1. Joe
    1. experienced climber
      1. driven by an ambition to push boundaries.
        1. more cautious than Simon about the choices he needs to take.
          1. closest companion is Simon
            1. very rational and methodical
              1. focuses on the tasks and works out how to get there
              2. has a superstitious side.
                1. very ambitious
                  1. jealous of Simon’s relaxed approach to life.
                  2. Simon
                    1. contrasts with Joe
                      1. younger than Joe
                        1. relaxed, open and fairly uncomplicate
                          1. doesn't share Joes sense of worry
                            1. clear-thinking
                              1. deeply troubled but convinced he has done the right thing by cutting the rope
                                1. kept joe alive
                                2. Richard
                                  1. travelling companion
                                    1. contrasts both Joe and Simon
                                      1. relishes adventures
                                        1. physically different to Joe and Simon
                                          1. does not climb mountains.
                                            1. performs an important function in the story
                                              1. he's the link with the ‘real’ world,
                                              2. provides a kind of wise, moral weight
                                                1. He is the essential human spirit
                                                  1. able to understand the extreme experiences that Simon went through.
                                                    1. does not judge Simon
                                                2. the mountain
                                                  1. Siula Grande
                                                    1. central image of the whole book
                                                      1. looms like a huge adversary
                                                        1. neither a 'goodie' nor a 'baddie'
                                                          1. has two faces and changeable moods.
                                                            1. has great beauty but also a darkness beneath it
                                                              1. Simon and Joe survive it, both are changed deeply by their encounter with it
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