Francis Cassavant

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Mind map of the character Francis Cassavant from the novel Heroes by Robert Cormier

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Francis Cassavant
  1. War
    1. Changed his birth certificate
      1. "They were taking anybody with a heartbeat those days."
        1. "I had always wanted to be a hero, like Larry LaSalle and all the others."
        2. Silver Star
          1. Awarded for bravery/herosim
            1. "I'm not the hero he thinks I am."
              1. Freak accident with the grenade
                1. "The war is over and I have no face."
                  1. Link to Larry - both awarded star but both were not heroes
                2. Doesn't want to discuss it
                  1. Ashamed - he wasn't really brave
                    1. "I went to war because I wanted to die."
                      1. Carries burden of guilt
                        1. Uses a lot of religious language
                          1. Thinks he should be punished for his sins
                            1. Failing to save Nicole from Larry
                      2. Modest? Guilty?
                  2. Physical appearance
                    1. Severe facial injuries from the grenade
                      1. "My nostrils are like two small caves."
                        1. "No ears to speak of, just bits of dangling flesh."
                        2. Hidden identity
                          1. "I wear a scarf that covers the lower part of my face."
                            1. Doesn't want to be recognised
                              1. Guilt? Ashamed of Silver Star?
                                1. Wants to carry out mission to kill Larry
                                  1. Remain anonymous
                              2. "I tilt the cap forwards so that the visor keeps the upper part of my face in shadow."
                                1. Going to kill himself after the mission
                                  1. Wants to remain unknown
                                    1. Not disgracing family name
                                      1. Chooses loneliness
                              3. Nicole Renard
                                1. Falls in love with her as soon as he sees her
                                  1. Like a fairytale
                                    1. "I knelt there like a knight at her feet."
                                      1. Her protector
                                      2. "Like a sentry on lonely guard duty."
                                      3. Like the movies
                                      4. Sees her as an angelic being
                                        1. "Perspiration on her forehead..."
                                        2. Gave him confidence
                                          1. "She had a way of teasing that coaxed me into forgetting my shyness."
                                            1. Balanced conversations
                                            2. His motivation for everything
                                              1. An obsession?
                                                1. "Didn't she know I'd track her down sooner or later?"
                                                  1. Selfish
                                            3. Larry LaSalle
                                              1. Francis' role model
                                                1. One step ahead of him
                                                  1. Knew about Silver Star
                                                2. Wreck Centre
                                                  1. Developed his confidence
                                                    1. Was his hero
                                                      1. Hero image destroyed after Nicole's attack
                                                      2. Controlled him
                                                        1. "We always did what Larry LaSalle told us to do."
                                                          1. "The subtle tender game in which Larry LaSalle was letting me win."
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