Edwards Religious Changes 1547-1553

Jerry Abbott
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Jerry Abbott
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Mind Map on Edwards Religious Changes 1547-1553, created by Jerry Abbott on 05/04/2015.

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Edwards Religious Changes 1547-1553
  1. Closure of the Chantries
    1. 3000 closed
      1. Change in the landscape
        1. No praying for the dead
        2. Changed the inside of churches
          1. Protestantism was very bland
            1. No shrines
              1. Very Basic
                1. No gold or images
                  1. Iconoclasm
                    1. Destruction of images
                  2. Licensed Protestant Preachers
                    1. Better Educated Preists
                    2. Act of Uniformity Prayer Book 1549
                      1. New Protestant prayer book
                        1. English
                          1. Common Prayer book
                            1. In every church
                            2. Clergy could marry
                              1. Celibacy not practised
                                1. Protestant Law
                                  1. Roman Catholics Disagreed
                                  2. Treason Act repealed
                                    1. Henry VIII
                                    2. 2nd prayer book introduced (improved)
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