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Reasons and explanations - SY1
  1. Dual earner families
    1. increased- 43% to 60%
        1. possess a high commitment to family life and a career but women end up with primary responsibilty of childcare and domestic housework
    2. Decline in marriage
      1. remarriages = 40% of all marriages, people are marring later on in life, only a steady increase.
        1. AGE: increasing, CHOICE: marriage limits freedom, FEAR OF DIVORCE
          1. NEWRIGHT: regards this as a decline in tradition family valuves
            1. contrast to feminists and postmodernists - choice and freedom
              1. ALLAN + CROW - suggests expectations have changed - focus is on emotional fulfilment
          2. increase in divorce
            1. 4 in 10 will end in divorce - 7 in 70 started by women, 2008 at its lowest
              1. REDWALLS
                1. change in expectations and attitudes, loss of community, change in women, 'till death do us part', the law and growth in secularirty,
                2. RODGERS AND PRYOR - 200 studies, shows how it can create problems - economic, conflict, parental ability, contact and changes.
                  1. NEWRIGHT: serious threat to society - leads to a lack in socialisation and deliquency
                    1. FEMINISTS: growth in choice and freedom
                3. Ageing population
                  1. living longer, men 76 women 80, baby boomers nearing retirement, increased over 65
                    1. SOCIAL TRENDS: increase in pensioners = greater demand
                      1. imporovements in healthcare, grandparents are more involved, better living standards, and higher social protection
                  2. Single persons household
                    1. demograpic revolution, cultural change, 28% are single, risen 18%, mostly elderly women
                      1. CHOICE - rise in divorce, later age in marriage, extended education
                        1. MMRAE - some have no choice if widowed
                        2. Reconstituted families
                          1. formed when lone parents re-marry
                            1. over 40% - rapid increase - 54% step fathers - 12% step mothers
                            2. A solution to a problem, two incomes = essential, free to create another family
                              1. DE'ATH & SLATER children are pulled in two directions - mum or dad ?? or new arrivals
                              2. Lone parents
                                1. 25% of all families, 90% headed by women
                                  1. DIVORCE - COHABITATION BREAKUP - CHOICE - CHANGE IN ATTITUDES
                                    1. NEWRIGHT: thinkers claim lone parents are the source of social problems - delinquency
                                    2. Fertility rates
                                      1. Women = having fewer children, 1960 (115) to 54.5 in 2001 lowest ever
                                        1. BIRTH CONTROL ACT 1967 - all women can have the right
                                          1. MCRAE: women outside marriage are more likely to have children in their 30s
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