Events in Nazi History 1918-1932

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Events in Nazi History 1918-1932
  1. 1918:Weimar Republic declared
    1. German politics changed
      1. Imperial form of government replaced
      2. Nazis disagreed with the republic
        1. Part of the Treaty of Versailles
        2. 1919:Treaty of Versailles Signed
          1. Controlled by the allies
            1. Peace treaty at the end of WW1
              1. Harsh Treaty on Germanys half
                1. French enforced this
                  1. Revenge
              2. Restricted Germanys army, navy and air force
                1. 100,000 troops
                  1. No air force
                    1. Tini navy
                    2. Took away Germanys land
                      1. Rhineland
                        1. Austria-Hungry
                      2. 1920:NSDAP (Nazi Party formed)
                        1. Right wing policies
                          1. Against communists
                          2. 1921
                            1. Hitler becomes party leader
                              1. SA is formed
                                1. Ernst Rohm
                                  1. Made from ex-soldiers
                                    1. Hitlers personal guard
                                      1. Eventually destroyed by the SS in the night of the long knives
                                    2. 1924:Hitler sent to prison
                                      1. Writes Mein Kampf
                                        1. Eventually becomes the philosophy of the Nazis
                                        2. Spent 10 months in prison
                                        3. 1926:Hitler youth is formed
                                          1. Creating the next generation of Nazis
                                          2. 1929-1930:Great Depression
                                            1. Wall street crash
                                              1. Struggle
                                                1. Germans owe reparations
                                                  1. Britain
                                                    1. France
                                                      1. Treaty of Versailles
                                                    2. 1930-1932:Nazis gain votes
                                                      1. People turned to more extreme measures
                                                        1. 1930:18% of votes
                                                          1. 1932: 36% of votes
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