Norman MacCaig Assisi Stanza 2

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Norman MacCaig Assisi Stanza 2
  1. "A priest explained"
    1. Focus on priest
      1. Representative of the church
      2. "How clever it was of Giotto"
        1. Priest fawns over the artist, ignores beggar
          1. Mood changes
            1. Pity elicited by beggar to anger from the priests actions
        2. "His frescoes tell stories that would reveal to the illiterate the goodness of God and the suffering of His Son"
          1. Hypocrisy
            1. The priest should be devoted to the teachings of the Bible but is totally unaffected by the beggar
            2. The priest likes the depiction of these teachings but not the reality of practicing them himself
            3. "I understood the explanation and the cleverness"
              1. Caustic tone
                1. MacCaig is offended by the priests intellectual pride when he discusses Giotto's work.
                2. The priest is neither humble or compassionate
                  1. MacCaig implies intelligence without kindness has no value
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